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Law 1700 of December 27, 2013 - Whereby network marketing or multi-level marketing activities in Colombia are regulated.

After 4 years of work in the Congress, on December 27th, 2013, the Law 1700 of 2013 was signed by the President of the Republic of Colombia.The Association in Colombia has participated in working meetings for regulation in various fields, such as Consumer Protection, tax issues, regulatory supervision on various commercial activities, achieving chapters or articles that would make clarifying reference on the direct selling sector.A Law under the name of Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing in Colombia was achieved, like there is no other anywhere else in the world. All this with the purpose of placing the real image of the direct selling industry within the legal framework and making clear what the direct selling activity is all about without looking for other adjectives that attempt to describe multi-level activities. So, both the people who belong to the industry and people who don't, may gain a clear understanding of what a real and serious multi-level marketing company should be and represent, with a genuine commitment to its people.

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